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Italian Teenager On the Path to Becoming the First Millennial Saint

Carlo Acutis, an Italian teenager who passed away from leukemia at the age of 15 in 2006, is on the verge of becoming the Catholic Church's first millennial saint. Known as "God's Influencer" and the "patron saint of the internet," Acutis utilized his exceptional computer skills to spread the Catholic faith online, creating websites to document miracles and managing digital content for Catholic organizations.

Born in London in 1991 to Italian parents, Acutis moved to Milan, Italy, where he spent most of his life. Despite his parents not being particularly religious, his faith was nurtured by his Polish nanny. Acutis taught himself to code at a young age and was considered a computer genius. He used his skills to create a website documenting Eucharistic miracles and to assist local Catholic organizations.

Acutis was beatified in 2020 after the Vatican recognized a miracle attributed to him, involving the healing of a Brazilian boy with a rare pancreatic disorder. The second miracle, recognized by Pope Francis, involved the healing of a Costa Rican university student who had suffered severe head trauma from a bicycle accident. Her mother prayed at Acutis' tomb in Assisi, leading to the girl's remarkable recovery.

With the second miracle recognized, the next step is for Pope Francis to convene a meeting of cardinals to agree on Acutis' sainthood and set a date for the canonization ceremony. Carlo Acutis' life and legacy continue to inspire many, particularly in how he harnessed technology to serve his faith and community. His potential canonization marks a significant moment for the Catholic Church, highlighting the relevance of modern saints in the digital age.

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