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Panama and China Forge Ahead with Panama-David Rail Line

The feasibility study for a new passenger and freight rail line from Panama City to David has been completed by engineers from the China Railway Design Corporation and presented to the Panamanian government. This ambitious project aims to construct a 391 km rail line with 21 stops, connecting several provinces across Panama. Each train is designed to carry up to 750 passengers, with the estimated travel time from Panama City to David ranging between 2 to 3.5 hours. This rail line is expected to significantly enhance transportation efficiency and connectivity within the country.

This project is a result of growing economic ties between Panama and China, with China providing non-reimbursable funds for the construction. The Chinese ambassador to Panama, Xu Xueyan, has expressed China's readiness to advance the Panama-David train project, highlighting its potential to strengthen the bilateral relationship. The construction phase is anticipated to take six years and generate thousands of jobs, thereby contributing to local economic development and infrastructure improvement.

Newly elected Panamanian President Laurentino Cortizo has pledged to support this major infrastructure endeavor, recognizing its importance in addressing broader economic and logistical challenges. The Panama-David train line is also seen as a strategic alternative trade route, especially amid concerns about the Panama Canal's capacity to handle increasing demand due to low water levels. President Cortizo's administration is committed to tackling water level issues in the canal while progressing with this transformative rail project, which has the potential to reshape Panama's transportation landscape and bolster its role in regional trade.

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