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SpaceX Initiates Controlled De-orbit of Starlink Satellites

SpaceX has announced plans to de-orbit 100 of its early-version 1 Starlink satellites due to a "common error" identified in this subset that could potentially increase future failure risks. This preemptive action, part of SpaceX's broader commitment to space sustainability, involves a controlled, propulsive descent to lower altitudes where atmospheric drag will lead to their safe demise upon re-entry.

Despite facing scrutiny over potential risks, SpaceX asserts that their satellites are designed to fully burn up during re-entry, minimizing any hazards to people or property on the ground.

This decision, expected to take approximately six months for most satellites, is not anticipated to impact SpaceX's broadband services, as the company continues its ambitious deployment plans for tens of thousands of Starlink satellites to provide global internet coverage.

This proactive approach underscores SpaceX's dedication to ensuring the safety and sustainability of space operations amid the challenges posed by large satellite constellations.

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