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The North Star of Ethos Times

There was an idea. I believed that if I created a platform that elevated people’s consciousness, it could make the world a better place.

Ethos has been one of the fastest growing media brand in the world since its inception, and I am aware of my responsibility as the owner of the people’s trusted media platform.

From now on, Ethos should put a heavier emphasis on quality over quantity. We are building for a long-term. We must focus on building unbreakable trust with our readers with never biased, exceptionally high quality content. In short, we aim to be the Nordstrom of news service, not Target.

We shall activate our readers. We never let our audience read Ethos articles and ask themselves “okay, so what?” What differentiates Ethos from other brands is that we not only inform readers but also elevate their consciousness, give a direction in their life, and change the way they view the world.

At Ethos Times, we:

  1. Become obsessed with perfection

  2. Nurture and inspire the human spirit

  3. Change the world — one article at a time

Andy Park

Founder, Ethos Times

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