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Uber's $950 Million Acquisition of Foodpanda's Taiwan Business Raises Monopoly Concerns

Uber Technologies' acquisition of Foodpanda's Taiwan operations from Delivery Hero for $950 million in cash marks a significant consolidation in Taiwan's food delivery market. Expected to close in the first half of 2025 pending regulatory approval, the deal combines Uber Eats' and Foodpanda's networks, aiming to strengthen Uber's presence in a market where online food delivery remains relatively nascent. Prior to the acquisition, Foodpanda held a 52% market share by order volume, with Uber Eats controlling 48%, raising concerns about potential monopoly. However, Uber's Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty maintains the market's competitiveness, citing online platforms' small share of the overall food delivery market in Taiwan.

The move aligns with Delivery Hero's strategic redirection of resources to markets with higher growth potential. By divesting its Taiwan business to Uber, Delivery Hero aims to streamline operations while facilitating growth opportunities elsewhere. As stakeholders anticipate regulatory approval, attention turns to how Uber and Foodpanda will navigate challenges and leverage synergies to enhance the food delivery landscape in Taiwan.

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