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UCSD Alum Abby Sherlock Joins Forbes 30 Under 30

Abby Sherlock, a 2019 graduate of University of California, San Diego's Marshall College, has recently earned a spot on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list in the games category. Currently serving as an associate game producer at Riot Games, she has previously contributed to community development at Blizzard Entertainment's Tespa.

Abby has gained recognition for her impactful work in game design, creating games that explore diverse themes such as Southerners, body image, female friendships, and cats. An enthusiastic gamer, she engages in gameplay for both research and leisure. Abby's versatility extends to on-camera hosting, voice-over acting, and directing. Her presence as a games creator, producer, and host has even landed her on the live page of Twitch several times.

Notably, she has also taken the lead in hosting panels within the gaming industry.

Abby's journey, from her undergraduate experience to her current role at Riot Games, showcases her unwavering passion for gaming, dedication to mentorship, and commitment to challenging stereotypes. For additional information, you can explore Abby Sherlock's official website.

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